Love Fluently

Let’s talk about love! There is a spiritual love phenomenon called Amigeist, a term coined by Dr. Jeffery Sundberg (2019). Broken down, ami is Latin for love and geist is German for spirit. In the field of Transpersonal Psychology, focus and interest is in human experience, particularly human spiritual experience. So, how is love aContinue reading “Love Fluently”

Part II of Que Sera, Sera

It had been over 2 years since I’d seen Dante. The more time that passed, the more I questioned its reality. It was difficult to tell whether my excitement from birthday texts, holiday wishes, and occasional voice messages to check-in faded with time. That first Christmas I scripted a minute -long voice message in SpanishContinue reading “Part II of Que Sera, Sera”

Que Sera, Sera: A Chilean Travel and Love Story

“You are responsible for the people that fall in love with you.” He said it in Spanish first and then in English to ensure I understood it. “Do you know where that’s from?” Then he said the title in French, ‘Le Petit Prince.’ “Remember that.” He paused to firmly demand my attention, and he purposefullyContinue reading “Que Sera, Sera: A Chilean Travel and Love Story”

A Day in The Sacred Valley

Looking around on the bus, there seemed to be a cyclone of ailments. One woman had an oxygen bag while many others had acupuncture needles spiking out from their heads like enlightened porcupines. The woman in the seat across the aisle from me complimented my hat saying she never wears them because they don’t lookContinue reading “A Day in The Sacred Valley”

Cosmic Compatibility: Finding Love with Astrology

Often when you read your horoscope there are certain compartmentalized focuses involved. These include your general disposition, business/work life, and love/relationship. Many of these generalized readings will outline who, based on astrological signs you are compatible with.  The astrologers or writers do this work for you by explaining why for example a Capricorn and aContinue reading “Cosmic Compatibility: Finding Love with Astrology”

Attracting and Expressing Love

There are probably thousands of ways to express love. It is a language like any other that holds passion behind it, ambiguity, vulnerability, cliches, all of communicative components. As Oliver Twist eloquently asked, “Where is love?” How do we know it’s all around? It’s in pop songs and poetry, novels and fairytales, dramas and tragedies,Continue reading “Attracting and Expressing Love”