From Sunrise to Siesta: A Piece of El Camino de Santiago

El Camino de Santiago (The Way of St. James) is a pilgrimage trek towards Santiago de Compostella, a cathedral for St. James in Santiago, Spain. There are numerous ways to get there, most commonly walking or biking vertically from Portugal or across the north of Spain from France. One woman I met began in BelgiumContinue reading “From Sunrise to Siesta: A Piece of El Camino de Santiago”

Simple Ways to Feel Harmony in Your Home

From three metaphorical floors, your living conditions can feel more liberating. The Basement The foundation always starts with yourself. Let’s turn on the lights and make this level a livable space.  Something has probably changed for you either because of Covid, or recently in general. Adjusting to changes whether they’re good or some kind ofContinue reading “Simple Ways to Feel Harmony in Your Home”