Love Fluently

Let’s talk about love! There is a spiritual love phenomenon called Amigeist, a term coined by Dr. Jeffery Sundberg (2019). Broken down, ami is Latin for love and geist is German for spirit. In the field of Transpersonal Psychology, focus and interest is in human experience, particularly human spiritual experience. So, how is love aContinue reading “Love Fluently”

Cosmic Compatibility: Finding Love with Astrology

Often when you read your horoscope there are certain compartmentalized focuses involved. These include your general disposition, business/work life, and love/relationship. Many of these generalized readings will outline who, based on astrological signs you are compatible with.  The astrologers or writers do this work for you by explaining why for example a Capricorn and aContinue reading “Cosmic Compatibility: Finding Love with Astrology”