Enter the Dream World

Lot’s of people pay little attention to their dreams or claim they don’t dream at all. This is unfortunate because dreams help inform us of our health, contribute to problem solving and creativity, and sometimes even have an extraordinary impact on our waking lives. I can recall dreams from when I was very young, andContinue reading “Enter the Dream World”

How to Spread Compassion Like Confetti

I’m not convinced that compassion is as abundant as kindness or love. At least, compassion isn’t as easily recognizable as kindness and love. We can name thousands of different acts of kindness, but compassion seems to be more like the quiet introvert of characteristics. How exactly is compassion expressed? Compassion is expressed through listening mostly.Continue reading “How to Spread Compassion Like Confetti”

Tarot Tips for Turning Inward

I engage with tarot cards once a month. I don’t see them as a prediction of my future or at all fixed in outcome. Instead, it’s more projection and guidance. I think its important to not use them too frequently or revolve your life around them. In order to understand how they can work forContinue reading “Tarot Tips for Turning Inward”

Synchronicity: Hints in Perfect Time

Synchronicity is related to coincidence but with deeper feeling and meaning. Recognize it as the strong feeling of being in the right place at the right time. Some might equate it to a form of deja vu. It’s the sense that a certain something has been appearing to you frequently. For example, things happen toContinue reading “Synchronicity: Hints in Perfect Time”

Journaling Ideas for Health and Development

Need something to add to your list of things to do? Probably not. However if you have some larger goals in place, this tool can break them down to smaller, more attainable aspirations. With talk about self-awareness, reflection, and connection, how do these things become habits? How do they become what we naturally do inContinue reading “Journaling Ideas for Health and Development”

Transform Your Perspective with Sacred Ceremony and Ritual

One practice that has completely transformed my perspective and the way I connect and communicate is creating ceremony.  Although daily practice can be very rewarding, I have often set myself up for failure when I declare that I will do something every day. Meditation is a good example. I have tried to incorporate meditation intoContinue reading “Transform Your Perspective with Sacred Ceremony and Ritual”