Live Fluently card readings are assets to your growth and transformation.

How it works:

Send a message of interest directly using the Contact form on this site or private message on any of Live Fluently’s social media (Instagram, Facebook).

You will receive a friendly reply and be given instructions for payment via Venmo. Within 3 days of receiving your payment, you will receive your completed reading.

The reading is not live. I use a pendulum to “invite” you into my space and ensure the cards are for you specifically. I create a space that is dedicated to your individual reading. You will receive photos of your spread, your two Goddess Oracle cards, and a general oracle. All cards are pulled at “random,” but their appearance for you is not seen as random. The photos are for you to engage with the images of your cards, notice any initial thoughts/feelings/reactions that come from them, and allow you to make your own interpretations based on this experience. The photos will be accompanied by a carefully organized and personally tailored synopsis.

The synopsis is my interpretation of your cards based on my 7 years of experience as a reader and knowledge of their placement, relationship with the other cards, and symbolism. I do not use any preconceived notions about you to inform my reading unless you offer information about an aspect of your life you would like to further explore. The synopsis is NOT a prediction of your future nor a fixed outcome. It is meant to serve as a guide potentially offering reassurance or support in your growth process as you apply it. The interpretation provided to you is open to whatever meaning you feel it has on your life at that moment in time.

Allow yourself a few days to sit with your cards and the reading. Responses to questions or requests for clarification will be available up to 5 days after the initial reading.

You may choose a one-time reading or set up monthly readings. The service rate is $65 per reading. Know that your information and card reading is strictly confidential.

I look forward to offering you insight and guidance towards growth and living fluently!

With love and light,

Olivia Jenkins, Founder, Creator, and Writer of Live Fluently


“Olivia was spot on. It’s as if she had spent the last six months inside my head. She’s gifted, intuitive, and great at what she does. 

She delivers your reading offering compassion, comfort, and insight that makes sense to you. After my reading I truly felt a sense of peace. 

Olivia is grounded, authentic and uniquely able to connect with people the way it matters. You won’t be disappointed. 

I can’t wait to do it again!” –Fay A.

Let’s get started creating beauty and harmony in your life!

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