Love Fluently

Let’s talk about love! There is a spiritual love phenomenon called Amigeist, a term coined by Dr. Jeffery Sundberg (2019). Broken down, ami is Latin for love and geist is German for spirit. In the field of Transpersonal Psychology, focus and interest is in human experience, particularly human spiritual experience. So, how is love aContinue reading “Love Fluently”

Part II of Que Sera, Sera

It had been over 2 years since I’d seen Dante. The more time that passed, the more I questioned its reality. It was difficult to tell whether my excitement from birthday texts, holiday wishes, and occasional voice messages to check-in faded with time. That first Christmas I scripted a minute -long voice message in SpanishContinue reading “Part II of Que Sera, Sera”

Stepping into Your Higher Self

Methods of “stepping into your higher self” are advertised by life coaches, influencers, therapists, etc. What does it actually mean? Are we otherwise living “low” lives? I’ll first explain the appeal, then I will outline some suggestions that have worked/are working for me, and lastly why these suggestions can actually be effective.  The idea ofContinue reading “Stepping into Your Higher Self”

Happiness is…

Happiness is so big and broad yet most people I talk to describe their happiness as small moments. “Just be happy” is so oversimplified and vague, sometimes dismissive that it makes happiness seem like a strain. Do we have to work so hard to feel it and maintain it? Do we have to work soContinue reading “Happiness is…”

Religion, Superstition, and Numinous Experiences

Religion is a charged topic for many of us. Worship, ritualistic practices, and belief systems date far back to early human history, and we carry its weight to our present day. Religion embeds itself in culture and lifestyle, and it impacts government and politics despite efforts to separate them. It has notoriously pushed back onContinue reading “Religion, Superstition, and Numinous Experiences”

Manifestation, Making the Big Leap, and Life-Course Changes

Aside from coping with the changes we cannot control, there are times when we are presented with opportunities to change the course of our lives. These opportunities can be equally as intimidating, but they also come with great rewards.  Some of us see these rewards as an incentive and appreciate change as something to incorporateContinue reading “Manifestation, Making the Big Leap, and Life-Course Changes”


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