Starseeds: Connecting Within and Beyond

If you follow any spiritual-related circles, the odds that you’ve heard of starseeds are pretty high.  The concept may seem strange, but I’m presenting it as an idea that may also expand your scope of possibilities. 

So first, do you remember when the idea of aliens was a slightly polarizing topic? People either got behind it or dismissed it all together. I’m thinking of the time when skinny green glowing men with big heads and dark almond eyes were a cool symbol. This was when stories about mysterious circle patterns appearing on farmland, “sophisticated” debris was found, dogs gathered in community, and blurry polaroid snapshots of UFOs were the “proof.” I remember a lot of the cartoons I watched portrayed a circular UFO summoning a cow in their beam of light. If you were born pretty much any time before the year 2000 this is possibly more familiar. Or not! 

Eventually, when the internet blossomed, these ideas evolved into more formal conspiracy theories where Area 51 seemed to hold all of the top secrets about aliens the government didn’t want to share with the rest of us. Footage was compiled on Youtube, and in 2009 Ancient Aliens seemed to put together missing pieces in history and archeology. 

Fast-forward to science taking space travel comfortably to Mars and to growing knowledge about stars and planets outside of the 8 My Very Excellent Mom Just Served Us Noodles.

Anyway, my point is that what was once considered wild to believe has become legitimate and probable. It’s not really weird to think other life forms are out there. It’s also more acceptable to admit what we don’t know or may never comprehend. 

The intention of all that background was to attempt to explain a timeline that lead to starseeds. They aren’t a scientific discovery in space, but it’s kind of the latest development of belief in aliens. In other words, the idea says “Hey, since you probably believe in other life forms, how about this!” 

Mediums, psychics, channelers, seers, etc. have experienced starseeds as a truth in their work. Some people who have had their Akashic Records read or who have immersed into past lives have claimed to recall their soul incarnating in another life form on another planet or from another galaxy. With Akashic Records it may also be a future life. 

Technically, I suppose another planet wouldn’t abide by linear time as we do, so these “memories” could also be a glimpse into a version of ourselves in a parallel universe. This is going off topic. (Time discussion gets me every time!) 

So together with people potentially experiencing inexplainable space “memories” is the idea that we come from the stars. Our energy (some call it light) is expressed through the body which is essentially matter formed from space particles. 

People have slightly different ideas of starseeds. It could be that some human souls incarnate to live specifically as humans on Earth, while others have incarnated from hundreds of civilizations. Those that come from other worlds, either all of us or some of us, the consensus is that there are reasons.

Also depending on the spiritual speaker you may come across on forums or social media, some will say starseeds are special people with special purposes and abilities. Some go so far to claim that starseeds have specific physical appearances. Who knows, they may know something I don’t, but it seems to be a way of creating an exclusive community and a hierarchy. The hierarchy separates those who are more “enlightened” or are aware of their mission/purpose here from those who aren’t. 

If we all come from the stars in energy and matter, then we’re all starseeds in theory. Some people happen to be more clear about their origins. This clarity is actually an important component to their existence. Generally, starseeds are said to be on Earth to evolve humans (to live outside the third dimension), but methods depend on where you’re from. There are all kinds of lists of particular planets and constellations people may feel most connected to. I’ve seen about 8 recurring options, but there are plenty more with striking details. Each world has their own specialties that informs their intentions here. Intentions may include guiding us to accelerate in healing, harmony, technology, awareness, “light-work”, etc.

Signs you may be a starseed:

  1. A love for star-gazing, perhaps a sense of longing

2. If you’ve had existential thoughts or deeply felt you don’t belong here (Is Radiohead a starseed? Refer to Creep.)

3. Desire to transcend your body

4. Often, starseeds have above average intelligence, emotional intelligence, or social awareness (but not always the case–there’s hope for the rest of us!)

5. If you find yourself really fascinated by this topic, wanting to explore it further, or feel some kind of connection to the concept, term, and experience

6. Some people have really vivid dreams or connect to it through their deliberate Akashic records/past lives exploration

People online describe their unique experiences and their ways of knowing. Commonly, from a young age people feel a profound sense of homesickness. Experiencing energetic connection whether it’s an awakening experience or feeling one with the aliveness of the world, increases the likeliness of us identifying, “appreciating, and aligning with the nature of other worlds”(

This article beautifully talks about how consciousness expansion is for everyone. That is, the more we are open, the more potential we may discover within ourselves (or beyond!). 

I imagine that to you, this post appears to be no different from the blurry polaroid of a UFO. Maybe your galactic journey ends here, or maybe it has just begun. 

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