What You See When You Open Your Third Eye

If you’ve heard of the Third Eye, it usually has to do with intuition, awareness, and heightened perception. So far, you can read about the chakra basics and the throat chakra here, heart here, sacral here, and root here. The Third Eye is located between your eyes, for some a little higher on the forehead. Deep blue or indigo is typically the color associated with it. 

The following ways can block the Third Eye. Overthinking, overanalyzing, multi-tasking, being easily or highly distracted, holding inflexible opinions, attachment to your ego, self-focused/centered, and if you are material-focused. 

Activating the Third Eye

A common benefit to activation of the Third Eye is enhancing psychic ability and spiritual development. When I refer to psychic ability, I mean skills that widen your view of life and reality. For example, intuition and awareness. It’s extraordinary intuition and awareness that have created the ideas of making predictions or reading minds that are commonly associated with psychics. I’m sure some people do accurately predict the future or read another’s mind, which is fun and in its own way provides people with a sense of wonder, comfort, and healing. 

Although, for many of us the ability to “see the future” or read minds is not a goal. We can instead develop the ways we perceive the world and connect interpersonally. The developments become something like a superpower or even as if a crystal ball were in front of us.

Intuitive practice involves bringing awareness to our own bodies and sensations. It is to examine ourselves both under a microscope and from an aerial view. Meditation and mindfulness practices help develop intuition because we narrow our focus to the present moment, notice what is happening in and around us, and eventually learn about our relationship with everything. 

To be intuitive is to be “in-tune.” Think about tuning an instrument. We listen closely to the vibrations of a note until we know that it sounds its best. Similarly, by listening closely to the vibrations from the energy all around us, we are able to be informed and develop a sense of knowing. Becoming in-tune to energy connects us to the collective web of life. 

Self-reflection is an important Third Eye activator. It goes together with developing intuition because we become in-tune to ourselves. Through self-reflection and intuitive work we are aware of our strengths and short-comings and evolve with deep understanding of our relationships to everything. 

Another active Third Eye opener is through balancing yoga poses. To keep from falling over in a balancing pose, the key is to choose an unmoving focal point in front of you. This focal point is called a drishti.

Those with their Third Eyes consistently open, unblocked, and healthily aligned tend to be wisdom-seekers. This means curiosity is maintained, they are open to new ideas and methods, and they are aware they do not know everything. To open the Third Eye is to find your balance of openness and discernment. It’s to speak more questions than statements. 

So, bring that rich indigo color into your life to remind you to be in-tune, focus, reflect, and seek wisdom. Signs your Third Eye is open include mental clarity, having unfixed ideas, feeling connected, heightened intuition, and being aware and “awake.” 

What will you see with your Third Eye open? If you like this page, please share it.

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