Numerology and Codes in Life

I’ve noticed on social media lots of people are discovering and discussing “angel numbers.” Basically, if you notice a pattern or recurring numbers show up in your life, it is your spirit guide, guardian angel, or the universe’s way of contacting you. Each number has it’s own symbolic meaning, and when the single digits combine to make bigger numbers, the symbolism has more infinite ways of interpretation and application to your life. The trend has sparked interest in the hidden messages and meanings of numbers.

Some people make a wish on 11:11, my mom has always said it’s a reminder “somebody loves you,” but supposedly you notice it to realign with your destiny.

Basic numerology is used in tarot readings, but essentially it is good to know for intuitive purposes. When we are searching for something, for guidance and answers, we are more likely to notice “signs” around us that offer direction. Our focus and energy on the something we are searching for is what we project or emanate. In a way, you could argue that we always find what we are looking for. But consider that letting it go, although a little scary, allows you to open to possibilities which may have better opportunities to present themselves, ones that might serve you in unimaginable ways and align you with what you didn’t know you needed. 

The most useful and applicable way to use numerology in your life is to notice synchronicity. Have a keen sense of awareness of patterns and peculiar occurrences around you. Notice the effect these things have on your body. Shield your thinking mind from killing them. We perceive 13 to either be “lucky” or avoid it in fear of bad luck. What does it mean to you? Did your car’s thermometer read 9 degrees then your deli number was 9, and your change was 9 cents? Have you woken up at 4:32 in the morning for 4 consecutive days? Coincidences, maybe, but still unsettling enough because your attention has been grasped. 

Let’s count, shall we?

0: is an ultimately spiritual number. Most commonly it represents wholeness.

1: The loneliest number? Nah, the number one is representative of an opportunity and discovery. 

2: is for balance. It is also about decision making or choices.

3: In tarot it’s growth, but it’s also about intuition. I think of it as magical because in stories the genie allows three wishes, there are three fairies, or casting a spell takes repetition three times.

4: Like I mentioned here, four is foundation and solid. It is usually related to the physical realm or body and is a cue to check your sense of stability.

5: Five usually signifies chaos, adventure, and change.

6: The number six gets a bad reputation for its ties to the devil. But you don’t have to fear when it’s near. In numerical sequence, six is the problem solving and restore to order due after five. It’s a bridge from earthly to spiritual/cosmic realms.

7: A common lucky and favorite number. Seven is about developing wisdom, spiritual awakening

8: Eight is apparently about abundance. Many point out how it is a vertical infinity sign, so I perceive it as timeless and limitless. It is also related to the unconscious. 

9: Nine, the last single digit number, is fruition, fulfillment, and relates to your higher purpose.

10: I recently pulled three 10s in a tarot spread, which to me indicates the completion of a cycle. Because it showed up so many times in a row, I find the message is stronger, that there will be a significant shift due to an ending and new start. When I pull 10s, they almost always feel settling, like a resolution.  

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