Cosmic Compatibility: Finding Love with Astrology

Often when you read your horoscope there are certain compartmentalized focuses involved. These include your general disposition, business/work life, and love/relationship. Many of these generalized readings will outline who, based on astrological signs you are compatible with. 

The astrologers or writers do this work for you by explaining why for example a Capricorn and a Sagittarius might have conflict. There are tips like “if your boss is an Aries, here’s how to approach them if you’re an Aquarius.” A lot of it “fits” because you get reassurance “ohh that’s why my boss doesn’t seem to notice me.” Same with love and relationship situations.

As you explore the characteristics of your signs (usually sun, but rising and moon are important too) and the signs of others around you (usually sun sign is most accessible because you only need to know their birthday), you begin to understand why you’ve attracted them into your life and how to manage the relationships. For general astrology first read here.

I don’t suggest you make assumptions about people once you know their sign. Sign descriptions are broad. A sun sign is expressed differently in different people, especially with different combinations of rising and moon signs. It takes infinite components to form a human. 

I like to think of astrological signs like DNA. You are given a certain template of characteristics which can influence your experience of life, but your experience and environment can also influence the expression of the given characteristics. 

Compatibility is also a matter of personal preferences. Do you prefer your partner(s) to have similar or complimentary qualities to you, or do you prefer to have some differences between you? Differences can add a balanced dynamic to a relationship. So, if you find that you and your partner are signs that typically do not mix well, this doesn’t mean your relationship is doomed.

In the same way, if you and your partner are signs that typically match well, it doesn’t mean you’re soulmates. Refrain from limiting yourself to certain signs as criteria for partnership.

According to this ( source, compatibility is more like a spectrum. Signs that are less compatible with each other might have to put a little extra work into their relationship than those who signs whose partnerships are very compatible. 

A reader who is passionate about astrology suggested this great resource as well. It is an extensive guide that even includes charts about love languages and attachment styles. Have fun with it!

Before reading about which signs you are most compatible with, think about the most important people in your life. Make note of their sun signs based on their birthdays. If you have been in partnerships before, whether they were positive experiences or not, make note of their sun signs too. What patterns do you notice? Do you have a disproportionate amount of certain signs in your life? Which signs are missing? This helps you to create your own ideas about levels of compatibility based on what works in your present relationships. 

I did this for myself and found most of my closest friends are Gemini. Turns out I have had very few significant relationships with Aries and Pisces. Having my own information before turning to the countless websites and horoscopes for more is important to me. It becomes personal first, then applies generalized information. Understand how you attract love into your life and express it.

Go assess your cosmic compatibility! If you like this page, please share it.

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