Energy Creation and Sacred Sensuality

Contrary to our social conditioning, Masculine and Feminine energies and are not tied to our constructs of gender. There are certain designated characteristics that are associated with each, though it is important for each one of us to have a balance of both. In some cultures the Sun is considered Masculine energy, purposeful and direct, linear, and logical. The Moon is often Feminine energy, free-flowing, cyclical, and emotional. The Sun is expressive and outward, and the Moon is introspective.

It’s similar with the four main elements. Water and Earth are Feminine energy, while Air and Fire are Masculine energy. Perhaps the reason why Masculine and Feminine energies have become attached to gender is because of how males and females have been valued in particular roles. Logic, purpose, and being straightforward have been honored in men. Women are honored for their nurturing, emotional qualities and the cycles that create life. I won’t go too far into the history and my point of view on gender norms. The main point I want to execute here is that each individual, no matter gender identity, has (and needs!) both Masculine and Feminine energies. A basic understanding or awareness of Masculine and Feminine energy serves as a building block for the rest of this post. 

Maybe you’ve heard of Sacred Sexuality (sensuality), a somewhat loaded concept with all sorts of implications and customized ideology. Sacred Sexuality, as I’ve come to understand it, is about self-expression, balance, and creativity. These three main components within the concept are celebrated and regarded as sacred. In many interpretations, it’s about celebrating and honoring the act of sex as sacred. For some cultures, this means not having sex before marriage. The concept of sex is highly complex and highly personal for individuals. Tantric workshops often seek to help individuals to reclaim some of that Feminine, emotionally expressive, free-flowing, creative aspects that may be otherwise suppressed. Self-expression is able to be fully cultivated when we each discover our personal power.

Sacred Sexuality assists in this discovery because part of what makes sexuality sacred is acknowledging that sexuality is energy. The act itself is a balancing of energies and creation of new energy. I began by explaining Masculine and Feminine energies partly to make clear that when I say that sex is sacred for representing the balancing of Masculine and Feminine, I do not mean to attach that to gender nor imply sex can only be between identifying males and females. The parts of all of us that are Masculine and Feminine are balanced through true self-expression and often in union with others.

Additionally, certain occupations or every day activities may exercise either Masculine or Feminine qualities. Often, we need to apply a little bit of both. Despite what society may say, both energies are of equal importance. Anyway, the act of sex is associated with creativity because biologically, the purpose of sex is for creation of life. Creativity in sex can go beyond that by creating energy, creating a bond, or creating a consciousness experience with the body as a vessel. 

If this seems intense, it sort of is. However, Sacred Sexuality is subjective; you can interpret it however it serves you. What one person may view as sacred can easily differ from another’s. Some people may consider all sex to be sacred, while others may have clear distinctions between different experiences. If choosing to share a sacred, sexual experience (or really any sexual experience) with another individual, it’s important to clearly communicate and come to an agreement. 

A fertility garden in Peru

Sacred Sexuality is not necessarily limited to involving more than one person or even the act of sex. You can honor sexual energies on your own by cleansing of your sacral chakra. (For more on chakras, see here). Your sacral chakra is located below your belly button and is mostly depicted orange in visuals. It’s considered the hub of your creativity partly because on women it is the location of the womb or “yoni” as sometimes referred. Though, as I stated before, creativity doesn’t just mean reproduction or life-giving energy. Certainly artists either consciously or sub-consciously channel this energy; anyone can! 

Discover the Masculine and Feminine in you and create beautiful energy! Go explore and express balance and creativity in your life! If you like this page, please share it.


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