Attracting and Expressing Love

There are probably thousands of ways to express love. It is a language like any other that holds passion behind it, ambiguity, vulnerability, cliches, all of communicative components. As Oliver Twist eloquently asked, “Where is love?” How do we know it’s all around? It’s in pop songs and poetry, novels and fairytales, dramas and tragedies, celebrations and miracles. You might feel it at sunset or by the ocean, from the stars or at the roots of a tree. It’s in puppy tail wags and home cooked meals. Love Actually (the movie) points to it at the arrival gate in an airport. How do you feel it as a part of your reality? 

The depiction of love solely through romance can often enhance feelings of loneliness and incompleteness. We may feel as if we aren’t doing enough to love or for some reason aren’t attracting it. Maybe if we recognize love in all of our relations, in ourselves, and in the beauty of life in general, it will manifest naturally.

A lounging monkey with his companion

When I reflect on the ways I express my love for the people in my life, I realize that probably the best way I give it is through my time. I’m not very vocal with “I love you,” and touch isn’t my favorite. Thoughtful gift giving works for me sometimes. However, creating undistracted time to have a conversation, occasionally checking in, and making myself unconditionally available during a crisis or emotional turmoil is how I best declare my most heartfelt care. It’s through my presence and fierce loyalty that someone can recognize how I feel about them. (It must be my Leo sun sign that is shining through!)

What I may not say aloud is better presented in the form of cards and letters. I think my favorite way to receive love is if time and presence are reciprocated. Don’t get me wrong, I like a good squeeze and to hear directly that I’m loved too, but there’s something about someone simply “being there” that really translates well to me.

I have to be careful not to close myself off to all of the other ways people prefer to express love. Otherwise, I won’t really hear when people say it, feel when they reach out for physical touch, or accept a gift. This is why I sometimes worry that the people around me aren’t aware clearly enough of my love. There are so many ways of showing it! 

Goddess of Love (from deck by Marashinsky and Janto)

What about when we’re feeling blocked, when we need to feel more love? There are a number of reasons why this might be the case, a history of trauma being a big one. Without getting into the intricacies of why there might be an inability to feel love, instead I’ll focus on practices that can assist anyone in unblocking and attracting love. A main one is clearing your heart chakra.

An introduction to chakras and effective ways to self clear them is all here.The heart chakra is at the center of your chest and associated with the color green. When it’s balanced, you feel compassion, effortlessly forgive, and feel love to be flowing steadily towards you and out of you. When you’ve healed grief, the heart chakra is at its energetic strongest.

My favorite way to work with the heart chakra is by focusing on the positions of my body. So many yoga poses facilitate heart opening and assist in better, taller posture for every day life. An upward-facing dog or bridge pose can do wonders! I don’t have an extensive collection or knowledge of crystals, but keeping rose quartz in my pocket or around my neck has helped me to work on all things heart-related.

At the very least it is a reminder to let love flow. Rose quartz also reminds you to love yourself. In meditations I’ll visualize green all around me and lush green growth. Keep flowers abundant, or light candles with intention. 

Rose Quartz beads

Love is a major part of life. It holds our connections and breeds health and happiness. Love is behind our greatest passions and strength. 

Go open yourself to the limitlessness of love. If you like(love) this page, please share it!

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