Your Personal Hints Perfectly in Time

Synchronicity is related to coincidence but with deeper feeling and meaning. You might recognize it as a strong feeling of being in the right place at the right time. Some might equate it to a form of deja vu. It could be the sense that a certain something has been appearing to you frequently. For example, things happen to you in 5s or you notice feathers everywhere you go. Synchronicity is an especially strange coincidence like having an old song stuck in your head randomly, then you turn on the radio and it’s playing. You’re not really looking for it, but it shows up perfectly. 

When in Rome!

Like I mentioned in Communication with Nonliving, you could argue that the subconscious is at work. Once, say feathers, are brought to your awareness, you are probably more likely to notice them even if you are unintentionally looking for them. You could rationalize that more feathers are around because you are in a setting where birds are commonly found. All those pennies you keep picking up happen to be waiting for you in parking areas outside of stores where people are scrambling to put away their receipts and change while juggling purchases and finding their keys. Sure, that makes sense. I’m pretty skeptical of “signs” more often than not because if you have to work too hard to find them, or have every peculiar occurrence be something special, then we begin to rely too heavily on everything but ourselves to live happily. This is a danger zone of waiting for things to happen to us or not making decisions until we see what we want to see. You can make meaning from just about anything, so how can you believe in anything?

Sometimes synchronicity isn’t so easily explained. Explanation lacks because intuitive feeling takes over and these feelings are highly subjective. To me, and based on the experiences and research of my academic peers, the intuitive feelings we have are another form of knowing. We can analyze anything to its death, but if we notice what is going on in our bodies and senses, much can be brought to life. 

When synchronicity happens I know it because it feels like “yes.” It’s very clear and you can hardly contain your excitement like when you’re invited to do something really fun or think of something/someone you unquestionably love. It sweeps over too quick to notice time and is  knowing without thought but pure “yes!” often followed by relief. I mentioned on social media how animals are symbolic to me, not so much a common squirrel but a not so average encounter like my snake story, or a hummingbird. I feel synchronicity in all kinds of ways, so it’s difficult to determine a universal scenario. I can say that it is striking enough, but not always dramatic. Often for me it’s comfort to keep going. When I would walk streets, a shop or bar might blast a particular song I love as I go by. Simple, but enough to feel like everything is okay for now. When things seem to come into alignment for me I know that I am attracting good things. Synchronicity is either an isolated experience or recurring, simultaneously grounding and up-lifting. 

Synchronicity everywhere! Above: London

I could keep describing it, but truly, I don’t want words to dilute the personal, individual experience. When we begin to notice our environments with no judgement and feel our subtle or striking reactions to it, we connect to rhythms in life, to our own humanity, and come to possibility. Maybe what you notice feels like a private message to you, or maybe with curiosity you smile. 

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