Balance Your Throat Chakra Now to Communicate Better

No matter your knowledge on chakras, I got you. Skeptics welcome. 

How do you know if you need to heal your throat chakra? Some physical indications may be respiratory problems, more than usual crying, feelings of guilt, trouble speaking, feeling unheard and silenced, etc. This is not a diagnosis nor a cure, but an invitation for exploration.

If you aren’t familiar with chakras and want a quick background on their importance and relevance, the next passage is beginner friendly. Beyond that, go deeper by reading on about clearing practices and life application.

May I present to you…

a very brief overview on chakras (a Sanskrit word pronounced chock-rahs). Chakras originate from ancient Indian traditions in the Vedas (a text). It’s believed that we all have thousands of these energetic wheels in and around our bodies. The adaptation of them in Western culture highlights 7 chakras spaced from our root (tale-bone area) to the crown of our head. In images of them, like the one I’ve drawn here, each one has a designated color. The one I’m focusing on for the purpose of this article is the blue, fifth chakra located in the neck (throat in a forward view). Because of their specific positions in our body, we equate certain physical and emotional issues and strengths according to the nearest chakra. If we take care of ourselves on the energetic level, we tend to be physically and emotionally healthier. Part of maintaining optimal health energetically involves healthy physical and emotional practices as well. A good balance. One reason why some people may seek alternative/holistic healing is to address a condition from the energetic level. 

The main chakras in the body

Align your Throat Chakra to communicate clearer by…

first feeling it and getting a sense of where exactly it’s located on your body. If you hover your hand a few inches from your throat, where you place it initially and naturally is likely pretty close. You can slowly move your hand a little higher, lower, then more off to the side to more clearly find its center. 

Next, clear it. A really simple way to open and close it for clearing is using intention. Imagine a bright blue light shining from where you located it and know it to be open. From here, hovering your hand over the area, pull energy from the area like it’s invisible cooked spaghetti. Let it go off to the side towards the ground. Once you’ve pulled some of that blocking spaghetti energy, be sure you imagine the chakra closed. Some people imagine a candle extinguisher containing the light, or maybe a door closes on it. If you don’t like the visuals, instead move your hovering hand in a clockwise direction a few circles to open. Because I am visual, I have to imagine the face of a clock over a chakra to achieve this. Once you clear the energy, circle your hovering hand counter-clockwise to close. Some trained practitioners like Reiki masters, may open counter-clockwise and close clockwise, but I find it equally effective either way as long as I intend a clear open and a clear close. 

The chakras tend to affect each other, so if one is off balance, then it’s possible another is as well. There was a time where I was focusing on my heart chakra when I really needed to focus on my throat. If you feel unheard or silenced, it could be very useful to also work on your solar plexus, the yellow one above your bellybutton and between your ribs. The solar plexus harbors your confidence and personal power.

A way to maintain all of them is a chakra shower. Opening, pulling, and closing for each like I mention above is time consuming therefore water consuming in the shower. You can start by doing it out of water with each color starting at the red root. Otherwise, a water-friendly way is to imagine the color while washing that area of your body. For example, I imagine blue and indigo while I’m washing my face cleaning my throat and third eye, and purple and white while I wash my hair to clean my crown. I imagine the blocks and spaghetti energy from them swirling down the drain.   

Because I also collect rocks, it’s great for me to use them in a cleansing. I might place a rock over the open chakras and meditate for a few minutes while I imagine the rock absorbing and breaking down the blockage in the chakras. Certain crystals work really well for this too.

Applying the Energetic Work to Life:

On the physical and mental level, working on a healthy throat can involve monitoring the words you use. Notice what your ruminating thoughts might be. Are they demeaning? What words and phrases do you say a lot? And with what tone? To have more empowering thoughts, some people like to find or develop a mantra or affirmations. You could recite a poem to yourself that makes you feel good, or have a simple statement or word. Changing your words has a powerful impact on how you carry yourself. You could even sing your word or phrase. Singing is a great method for a healthier throat chakra. Do you carry a lot of guilt? Release it by journaling or writing it out to burn in a fire. I like to set an intention to turn my guilt into gratitude.

And finally, wear more blue! I won’t get into the extensive psychology of it like I do here, but colors often effect affect. If you associate blue with a healthy throat chakra, then every time you put on your blue sweater, your stone pendant, or drink from your blue mug, a lot of the work is done unconsciously. When you choose blue, choose respectful, clear communication. 

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  1. Very impressed!! You clearly are and old soul with insight to share for the greater good. Much love and many blessings to you! Keep sharing your wisdom! ❤️❤️❤️

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